“Keep Pedaling You Two!”

Keep Pedaling You Two!

Keep Pedaling You Two!When Griff causes a scene in the Cafe 80’s by throwing Marty Jr over the counter, he gets the attention of everyone in the place.  A man and woman on exercise bicycles get distracted and stop pedaling.  Griff orders them to keep pedaling and they start up again out of fear.

It’s not entirely clear why there are a couple exercise bicycles in the Cafe 80’s.  Yes, they were popular in the 1980’s, but no more so than the decades before or after.  Therefore, it’s logical to assume that they’re in there because of some 2015 reason or as a reference to the place’s time as Lou’s Aerobic Fitness Center in the 1980’s.

In any case, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever see an exercise bike in any cafe in our 2015…even if it is 80’s themed.

Prediction Accuracy: Failed