Chest-based Soundboards

Griff's Gang

Griff's Gang“What’s the matter, McFly?  Chicken?”

Marty stops in his tracks and one of Griff Tannen’s gang members, Rafe “Data” Unger, pulls a piece of paper out of his breastplate and presses a button to trigger a chicken clucking sound effect.

Obviously, nobody in our 2015 is going to take something that looks like paintball armor and add sound effect circuits.  If they do, they’re certainly not going to use some kind of paper tape to determine what sound effects to play.

In our 2015, you might get a sound effect app on your phone so you can play “sad trombone”, “applause”, or a rim shot.  You’re definitely not going to the extremes that Data does in Back to the Future Part II.

Prediction Accuracy: Failed