Antique Clothes Iron

Blast from the Past display

Blast from the Past displayIn the window of the Blast from the Past antique store is a Black & Decker clothes iron.  The sign in the display says,

Black & Decker

Clothes Iron

“It Heats Up”

Iron clothes the old fashioned way

It’s not clear how people in Hill Valley of 2015 are ironing their clothes, but it’s apparently not with an iron like we’re used to in the real 2015.

Irons haven’t changed much since the electric iron was invented in 1882.  Black & Decker still manufactures a number of different clothes irons in 2015.  We don’t get a clear look at the iron in the store window, but it’s new enough to have some white plastic on it.  Given this, it’s unlikely something that an antique store in our 2015 would be interested in selling.  You’d be much more likely to find it in a second-hand store than an antique store.

Prediction Accuracy: Failed