Colored Briefcases

Pink Briefcases

Pink BriefcasesAs Marty walks into the square, five women walk by at different times carrying colored briefcases.  Three of them are carrying pink briefcases.  (The first two are pictured here.  The third is with the guy with the surfboard.  The last two are just as Marty starts to cross the street.)  Strangely, we don’t see anyone else carrying a briefcase after this.  (There are some colored paper shopping bags that show up.)

Although many people who work office jobs still carry briefcases in our 2015, you’d have a very hard time finding anyone that carries one that’s colored anything other than brown or black.  Maybe a silver metal one.  Many people in 2015 will carry a similarly shaped laptop bag, but those are almost always made out of cloth and have a shoulder strap.

I guess since lawyers have been abolished, briefcase manufacturers had to do something to stay in business.

Prediction Accuracy: Failed