Thumb Bandits

USA Today: Gang Jailed

USA Today: Gang JailedThe first story in the “Newsline” column of the October 22, 2015 edition of USA Today is “Thumb Bandits Strike” followed by the text “after amputating”.

In the future created for Back to the Future Part II, it makes sense that if people are using their thumbs to pay for things that thieves would start chopping them off, right?

Well, we may have technology which can allow quick and easy payments in our 2015, but we have yet to see thieves cutting off people’s thumbs when they steal their iPhones. ¬†Fortunately, according to CNET, an iPhone’s sensor will not work with any finger or thumb that’s not attached to a living body. ¬†…and I suspect that a phone’s owner would voluntarily give up their password before allowing any digits to be cut off.

Prediction Accuracy: Two Thumbs Down