Hill Valley – A Nice Place to Live

Welcome to Hill Valley

Welcome to Hill ValleyAs the DeLorean descends into Hill Valley, Doc, Marty, and a sleeping Jennifer are greeted with a floating sign which welcomes them.  It says the mayor is Goldie Wilson, Jr. and has the motto “A nice place to live”.  It encourages people to “Please fly safely” and that “Ejection seats save lives”.

Surrounding the sign are illuminated signs for various clubs which have chapters in town.  Clockwise from the “Welcome” are Hill Valley 4-H Clubs, Lions Clubs International, three illegible signs, Veterans of Foreign WarsRotary International, Neighborhood Crime Watch, and Kiwanis International.  (The round sign on the lower right may be the American Legion, but it’s hard to tell.)

Other than the illegible signs which have not been identified, all these organizations still exist and their logos (as pictured) can still be found on signs as you enter various towns and cities across the United States.  Yes, this sign is floating in the sky…but we’ve already rated the skyway prediction as a failure and that’s not what we’re evaluating here.

Prediction Accuracy: Success