Marty’s Jacket

Marty's Jacket

Marty's JacketMarty’s jacket was previously covered in the Size-Adjusting Jackets article, but today we’re taking a look at the style of the jacket.

Marty’s lucky that his jacket isn’t as crazy looking as a lot of the citizens of Hill Valley in 2015.  Compared to most people in town, his outfit looks fairly normal.  However, it’s strange that Marty’s jacket appears to be a heavier jacket than what most people in town are wearing.  Quiet a few people aren’t wearing jackets at all and appear to be dressed for warm weather.

Setting aside the technology of the jacket with the size adjusting and the drying mode, judgements on the style of clothing featured in the movie are made by deciding if it would be out of place on the street in the real 2015.  The colors certainly outlandish and the jacket would actually look quite normal if it wasn’t for the front pockets and the sleeves.

It’s a close call, but this is going to have to be considered a failed prediction based on the pockets and sleeves.  I can’t recall ever seeing a jacket with outside pockets on the chest.  The accordion sleeves have quite a lot of excess material in there which ends up looking odd.

Prediction Accuracy: Failed