Pac Fax

Pac FaxAs Marty walks out into Courthouse Square of 2015, he walks around what appears to be a mailbox.  However, the side of the mailbox says “PAC FAX”.  It promises “.05 Second Service”.

Although it looks like a mailbox, the “PAC” part of the name would imply “Pacific”.  That indicates that this is regional and not likely a nationwide service provided by the US Postal Service.

Fax machines still exist in our 2015 and are used, but they’re not used very often.  Scanning and e-mail has replaced faxing in most cases.  We also don’t need fax machines on the street corner since we can just take a picture of something and e-mail that with our cell phones.

The existence of this street fax machine does raise a few questions though.  If residents of Hill Valley have fax machines all over their homes, why put one on a sidewalk?  Is there really enough business to justify this?  The McFly family isn’t doing financially well and even they have multiple fax machines in their home.

Prediction Accuracy: Failed