USA Today releases Hill Valley Edition

Tomorrow's Newspaper

USA Today for October 22, 2015USA TodayUSA Today has released a special wrap to their October 22, 2015 newspaper that pays tribute to the edition seen in Back to the Future Part II.

Although the edition closely resembles the version seen on screen, there are some notable differences:

  • The price is $2, not $6
  • Photo quality is better in the real newspaper than on the prop.
  • The prop had an article headline of “Washington Prepares for Queen Diana‘s Visit” in the upper right.  USA Today replaced this with “3D Billboards: Free Speech or Traffic Hazards?” out of respect for the late Princess Diana.  The Queen Diana Newsline item is also removed.
  • Articles are actually readable.  The prop newspaper repeated the text from the “Youth Jailed” article over and over.
  • Newsline items after “Jaws without bite” are different.
  • The entirety of the newspaper below the fold is different.  The prop included an article titled “Auto rebels form organization”, but the actual paper has articles titled “3 injured when mom re-hydrates pizza slices”, “Hollywood to remake “A Match Made in Space”, and “Public more gullible than ever”.

It has been selling out of a lot of stores as many young fans are buying a newspaper for the first time in their lives.  If you’re not able to find a copy at your local 7-Eleven, you can buy a copy for $4.95 on the USA Today web site.

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