Class of ’16

Jennifer on the garbage

Jennifer on the garbageThere’s graffiti on the wall of the alley near where Doc and Marty leave Jennifer that says “Class of ’16”.

It’s a pretty easy prediction that people of 2015 would still spray paint graffiti on alley walls and that students would still proudly be promoting their class years.  However, the glaring error here is that it refers to the year as “’16” instead of “2016”.

Up through 1999, people would commonly refer to years by the last two digits.  “Spirit of ’76“, “Blizzard of ’78“, and “Decision ’88” are some examples.  Starting in 2000, most people would start referring to the full year and saying the last two digits became extremely uncommon (except in sports video games).

What we see in the movie is close…but just misses the mark.

Prediction Accuracy: Failed