Gas Prices


TexacoThe Texaco fueling station in Courthouse Square in has a sign publishing gas prices as follows:

  • Fusion Gold $6.95 9/10
  • Super Fusion Plus+ $7.62 9/10
  • Liquid Hydrogen $8.10 9/10
  • Regular Unleaded $8.37 9/10
  • Super Unleaded Plus+ $8.99 9/10

It’s nice to know that Texaco still supports cars running on unleaded gasoline.  However, there’s so much wrong here.

Fusion Gold and Super Fusion Plus+ are fictional.  With the existence of Mr. Fusion, it’s unclear who even needs these, but presumably they’d provide some sort of fuel for fusion-powered vehicles without Mr. Fusion.

Liquid Hydrogen is a real thing, but it’s usually used in rockets.  Toyota is scheduled to start selling the Toyota Mirai in California in mid-2015.  The Mirai is one of the first hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles to be sold commercially.  Hydrogen filling stations are rare and currently just say “Hydrogen” on the pumps, not “Liquid Hydrogen”.  Hydrogen at a filling station in Emeryville, CA (the only know filling station in the San Francisco Bay Area) is currently priced at $2.90 per gallon.

In our 2015, reports the current average price for regular unleaded gasoline is approximately $3.17 9/10 per gallon.  This is a lot cheaper than Hill Valley’s $8.37 9/10 per gallon price.

Assuming “Super Unleaded Plus+” is premium gasoline, that $9/gallon price is still insanely high.  The most expensive gas in California is currently $5.23 9/10 per gallon at Chico’s on Linden Ave. in South San Francisco, near San Francisco International Airport.

Prediction Accuracy: Failed