Vintage Water

Blast from the Past display

Blast from the Past displayLook closely in the window of the Blast from the Past antique store and you’ll see a six-pack of Perrier water.  The sign above it says:

Vintage 1982

Original Water still in Bottle!

Water doesn’t improve with age like wine.  It may seem like an odd thing to put in an antique store window.  Would anyone want “vintage” water?  We turned to eBay to find out.

A search for “vintage Perrier bottle” turned up quite a few results.  (We had to add in “-jouet” to eliminate a lot of champagne bottles.)  None of the bottles are dated, so it’s hard to tell if they’re from the 1980’s or older.  “Ten pin” bottles appear to be truly vintage and pre-date those seen in Back to the Future Part II.

We were able to find one 11oz bottle similar to those in the six-pack in the window that was still full.  It’s new enough that it has a UPC code on the label, but was still listed using the word “vintage” in the title.  Listing price is $4.00 with no bids.  We weren’t able to find any six-packs with the packaging, but expect that it would be more desirable.

So is 33 year-old water something we might see in the window of an antique store?  We’ll say yes.  Perrier is a popular brand and people have been known to collect old packaging.  If American Pickers has taught us anything, it’s that unopened items (known as “New Old Stock”) is always popular and since Perrier’s packaging has changed since the 1980’s, the older packaging is harder to find and therefore more desirable.

Prediction Accuracy: Success