Automated Gas Stations


TexacoAmong the sights of 2015 Marty sees in Hill Valley is an automated Texaco gas station.

Located on the second floor and above a convenience store, there is a robotic arm that swings around and inserts the fuel pump into the vehicle.

Seeing this does bring up a question…  Why would you move your gas station to the second floor and therefore limit yourself to only serving flying cars?  Obviously not all cars are flying yet or Goldie Wilson III wouldn’t still be trying to sell hover-conversions.  However, we’ll set aside this aside when we judge this prediction because we’ve already judged the prediction of flying cars.

At many gas stations around the United States, you can find automated car washes, but automated fuel pumps aren’t something that exist yet.  From the computerized voice, we can tell that the system will check the oil and landing gear of vehicles.

About the only thing automated at gas stations in our 2015 is the payment systems.  You can pay at the pump and no longer have to go inside to pay.  Some pumps also feature television monitors showing selected ads, quick news bits, or other short videos.

Prediction Accuracy: Failed